Cambodia is for true travelers! You’re backpacking on a bus, soaking up history in the big cities, and also unwinding on tropical beaches! When packing for Cambodia, you need equal parts rugged gear & breathable beach clothes.

Let’s get packing.

At a glance

Where: Southeast Asia – between Thailand and Vietnam
Weather: Hot and Sticky…even in Rainy Season
Shopping Scene: Street Stalls
Whats Missing: Quality Bags and Shoes

The Essentials

✓ Anti-Theft Bags & Purses
✓ Sunscreen
✓ Shawl or Wrap
✓ Swimsuits
✓ Beachy Cover-Ups
✓ Comfortable Walking Shoes

Must-Have Luggage & Bags

drawstring backpack

Loctote Theft-Resistant Drawstring Backpack

Unfortunately, Cambodia has a huge problem with bag snatching. You need a bag you can lock, a bag is hard to grab, and a bag that you can't slash. If you buy anything on this list, this should be it.

Osprey Backpack

Osprey Packs Farpoint 40 Travel Backpack

The BEST backpack for traveling women - I literally only recommend this one. Period. Easily fit 1-month of clothes into this magical carry-on - or stuff it full as a checked bag.

Dry Bag

Earth Pak- Waterproof Dry Bag + Phone Case

Islands = Water & Sand. You MUST protect your valuables with this waterproof, floating dry bag. Wear across your back as you adventure! Click to see more colors!

Anti-Theft Purses for Cambodia

cross body purse

Discrete Medium-Sized Purse

The BEST low-key cross body purse! With 3 zippers and a thick, adjustable strap, you can wear your bag tight to your body while carrying your most important possessions. Plus - it's just cute.

Small antitheft purse

Compact Anti-Theft Travel Purse

The #1 way bags get stolen in Cambodia? Girls set them down! Solution: Carry a small purse that you're not tempted to take off. Available in more cute colors!!!

80s fanny pack

Metallic Fanny Pack with 3 Pockets

The sexiest and safest way to carry your gear on the islands and in the jungle. You can wear this fanny pack with your bathing suit or shorts and still look cute.

On Your Feet

Steve Madden Shoes

Steve Madden Donddi Sandal

Perfect walking sandals for long days exploring markets, hunting for street food or going bar hopping on an island! Click to see more colors!

Yoga Mat Flip Flops

Sanuk Joy Yoga Flip-Flop

I've been wearing and re-purchasing these flip flops for nearly 10 years. Made out of yoga mats, they are extra supportive and cute! Comes in many colors and styles!

Nike Women's Flex

Nike Women's Flex

The perfect exploring shoe! Lightweight and bendable - so they're easy to pack. Cute and supportive - for walking all damn day without tired feet.

Best Outfits for Photos

Lemon Dress

Flirty Lemon Dress

This white and yellow wrap dress pops in every photo! It's short enough to give your legs some sex-appeal but modest enough to wear around villages & markets. Best for day photography!

Red Suit

Zero City Deep-V Swimsuit

If it's beach photos you're after, this one is a stunner! The material is thick enough to suck you in while highlighting all your assets! Click to see more pretty colors!

Beach Cover Up

Magenta Beach Cover-Up

Seriously, just imagine this magenta dress on the white sand beaches with turquoise blue background! It's flattering on all body shapes! Also available in Blue!

Day Outfits


Mid-Length Jumpsuit

Pair with a shawl and you're ready to respectfully visit the temples, museums and memorials while remaining comfortable and sophisticated.

Tie-Front Midi Dress

With the heat in Cambodia, you will want light materials and flowy shapes. This dress keeps you feeling comfortable all day. Click to see more colors!

Floral Mini Dress

Asvivid Casual Mini Dress

Throw it on and go. Pair this dress with some strappy sandals and now you're ready to explore! The material is breezy and the shape keeps you from sweating like a pig.

Night Outfits

Night Romper

Soft Tie-Front Romper

The best beer drinking outfit! With an elastic waist and soft material, you're basically wearing super cute pajamas. Click to see more colors!

Wrap Mini Skirt

Cambodia's nightlife scene is pretty casual. Pair this flirty wrap skirt with a black tank top and strappy sandals - and you're ready!

Criss-Cross Sexy Tank

Shorts and a sexy little top are perfect for bars in Siem Reap or Taco Tuesdays in Kampot. Available in more colors!

Beach Outfits

Sheer Beach Skirt

Sheer Wrap Skirt

The perfect cover-up for walking down the beach. It's completely sheer, so it's sexy. But it covers your hips and cheeks, so you feel more comfortable strutting in a suit.

Best bathing suit ever

The Most Popular Swimsuit on the Internet

The best "hang out in your swimsuit all day" suit. This suit covers in all the right places to make sitting, chatting, and socializing feel comfortable.

Floral Kimono

Floral Kimono Beach Cover-Up

Pool parties and beach days need this kimono! It's perfect for drinking by the pool or having lunch by the beach! Click to see more colors!

On Your Face

It cosmetics cc cream

It Cosmetics CC Cream SPF 50+

The holy grail of sweaty-weather foundation. Use with a damp beauty blender, and you can build light-full coverage that wont melt off your face in Bali.

Best Travel Bronzing Palette

The ultimate bronzing palette for vacation in Cambodia. From pale tourist to tan beach babe - this palette adapts to your new skin tone! Use as a highlighter, bronzer, AND eyeshadow!

Thank Me Later Primer

Best Travel Bronzing Palette

The ultimate bronzing palette for vacation in Cambodia. From pale tourist to tan beach babe - this palette adapts to your new skin tone! Use as a highlighter, bronzer, AND eyeshadow!

Wait to Buy in Cambodia

✓ Sunglasses
✓ Bug Spray
✓ Perfume

What Not to Pack for Cambodia

✗ Jeans
✗ High Heels
✗ Flashy Jewelry
✗ Open Tote Bag
✗ Shoulder Purse or Hand Clutch

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