Top 10 Things to do in Sidemen, Bali (by The Solo Girl’s Travel Guide)

Today I’m sharing a place near and dear to my heart with you; Sidemen, Bali.

My top 10 things to do in Sideman, Bali. 


Now, if someone tells you that Bali is too crowded, that it’s too touristy, guaranteed… they’ve never been to Sidemen. (pronounced; See-deh-men)

This is the real Bali. Ok, I’m ready for an adventure now… these are the top 10 things must do while you’re in Sidemen.

#1 – stay in a luxury resort.

And number one is, of course, stay in a luxury resort. My favorite resort in Sidemen is called Samanvaya. It is a luxury, adult only, Eco Resort and Spa. 

I mean, check out this view: 

Hello, Eco stay goals…

#2 – Drive the Sidemen loop.

Last year, I was in Sidemen for my birthday and I went on GoogleMaps, and I saw this loop. So we hopped on some motorbikes and explored the mountains in Sidemen. I think you’ll love driving through this beautiful scenic route. There’s definitely something special about being on a motorbike in Asia… it just feels so freeing. If you’re not a seasoned motorbike driver, then don’t worry, you can hop on the back of some local guys bikes and they can give you a Sidemen tour.


Download app to get an offline map just to be on the safe side incase your service drops out in the mountains!

#3 – Go on a guided [bike] tour.

The Sidemen Tour we did with the lovely staff at Samanvaya was amazing! We drove through some of the lushest tropical landscapes, saw monkeys, temples, saw some gorgeous ocean views, and (hopefully for you, it was closed for us..) a waterfall. I highly recommend getting in touch with them if you’re in Sidemen and doing this, it was my hands-down favorite day.

#4 – visit white sand beach.

We went to a beautiful beach on the coast called White Sand Beach. This was included in our tour mentioned in #3. There’s a really nice view, we had lunch on the beach and then a swim in the sea, total bliss!


#5 – get a massage.

Do I need to say more about this…? I think not.

#6 – eat ribs for dinner.

I highly recommend you eat ribs for dinner at Maha Neka Sidemen. So delicious and the prices are so cheap! 48,000 IDR ($3.30 US) for large pork ribs served with vegetables, sauce and fries or rice. 

#7 – go for happy hour.

A girl in my Facebook group recommended this place – they have buy one get two offers on selected drinks. All along the main road in Sidemen, you’ll find bars that have happy hour specials… but I want you to go to Wapa Di Ume it’s a really fancy eco-resort, and they have these amazing lemongrass mojitos on the 2 for 1 deal.. mmmm! You have my permission, this is your treat night.

#8 – Rice Field Walk.

*Disclaimer* I never actually made it on the rice field walk that Samanvaya resort offers but I really recommend you do it, they say it is really nice to do this first thing in the morning when it’s not too hot out. Check out this drone shot!

rice field walk Sidemen Bali

#9 – the sidemen swing.

This is one of those massive swings where you’re catapulted into the jungle. To find this, just look for “Sidemen Adventures” on google maps.


To get an awesome photo, tie a wrap skirt over the top of your seatbelt and harness, and make sure it flows over the back when you swing!

#10 – Amrita Cafe.

This is a cute little cafe that I love and visit every time I come to Sidemen. It’s hard to miss, it’s right on the main road, so you could even stop on your way out for a cup of coffee, or they have a lot of really really nice teas as well. By the way, this is also a guest house if you want a little bit of cheaper stay, this is also a really, really nice place. Here’s the link to book with them. I do like this adventure if you have any more Sidemen recommendations for me please leave a comment below.

I made a whole YouTube video that takes you through these tips as well, if you prefer watching, here it is: 

Now, real quick before you go… if you want to join me on an adventure like this, I will give you all the information in the link below. My Go Baby Glow Tours are coming soon, so get ready to apply below!

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