Bali VIP Service

Travel like a celebrity at Bali Airport – VIP service


I had this super fancy travel day when I traveled from Bali to Kuala Lumpur, and I got to fly a little bit fancy.

Bali Airport VIP Service

How to travel like a celebrity in Bali

Pre Check-in 

To my surprise, I was taken to the Novotel Airport Hotel’s restaurant. So I got to sit down and have a little breakfast and hang out there until the check-in counter opens. And instead of hanging out inside the airport until the check-in counter opens, I got to be in a beautiful restaurant instead.

I was hungry, so I ordered this delicious burger and I even got the fancy water!


Once check-in counter opens, your very own chaperone will guide you through the check-in process. With the VIP service, you’ll get business class check-in and skip the lines!


Going through immigration, I got to go through the diplomat line and I got to bypass all the busy lines, the cool thing about this is that when you’re in the diplomat line, they don’t automatically think you’re a criminal like they do in every other immigration lines around the world, so that was really nice, to just pass through with a smile on their faces… so worth it!

VIP Service in Bali Airport

Next stop: The Lounge.

I have priority pass (thanks to American Express), but you can buy lounge access with this VIP service. You can take a look at the lounge in the video, I had wine and cake and worked a little while waiting.



The experience

What I really liked is walking with my chaperone through the airport because it looked like I am super VIP, hehe! The VIP service includes priority boarding as well.

Now, I hope you loved this blog post and behind-the-scenes tour of the VIP Service!

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