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HONEST REVIEW – 5 Most Instagrammable Places in Bali (2020)

Where are the best places for an Instagram photo shoot in Bali?

Do a quick YouTube search and you’ll find HUNDREDS of Bali travel vlogs and Bali travel bloggers who have flooded the internet with promises of THE BEST this and THE MUST that. And honestly, I’m over it.

I’ve stopped trusting other influencer’s opinions or reviews. On any given day, you have 50 influencers in Bali telling you “OMG THIS PLACE IS AMAZING” – just to show up to a tourist trap with long lines and overrated Instagram vs. Reality photo ops. STAWP. Please. Be honest.

So in this video, I take you to the “most Instagrammable places in Bali” and give my live reactions and reviews.

Fun Fact: We shot this video on a whim. While doing a road trip up to Sumberkima Hill Retreat (actually a must-visit) in the north of Bali, I realized we’d be passing all of these iconic spots. So quickly I told my photographer to grab his camera, we’re making a video! And here it is.


Northern Bali’s 5 Instagram Spots on the way to Sumberkima Bay


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Spot #1) Twin Lake Bali

A beautiful photography spot to fly your drone! There is also a man here who has bats…yes, bats. And you can take pictures with them. 

Mavic drone

Spot #2) Feeding monkeys

On the way to Wanagiri Hills, you’ll start to pass a lot of monkeys! Your driver will know where to stop. Buy a little bowl of fruit for 20k IDR ($1.30 USD)

Monkey in Bali

Spot #3) Hidden Hills Wanagiri

Seven photo spots for 70,000 IDR ($4.50) including the famous Bali nest. 

Spot #4) Handara Gate

One of the most iconic Instagram spots in Bali. You get 5 minutes to take photos. It costs 20 IDR per person. 

Spot #5) Pura Ulun Danu Beratan Temple


A major Hindu temple in Bali built in 1633.


To find out my opinions and to see if these Bali Instagram spots are worth it or not, watch the video!

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