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The 5 Best Beaches in Bali: Bali Beaches Worth Your Visit

Beautiful Beaches in Bali You Have to See

Welcome to my custom Bali Beach Tour full of white sand beaches, hidden beaches, and the best surfer beaches in Bali. 

The 5 best beaches in Bali can all be visited in one day-trip around Uluwatu! So forget the typical WatchMojo style top 5 list, this is your entire trip planned for the most scenic Bali beaches.

Where are the most beautiful beaches in Bali?

Uluwatu. Bali’s little peninsula to the south is home to postcard-perfect beaches with powdery sand and turquoise water. But to enjoy them properly (without all the people), you need a strategy. 

That’s where I come in. 

I map out the entire DIY tour in my YouTube video here.

Hate YouTube with a passion? Fine. Then keep reading for my top 5 best beaches in Bali and why they deserve your visit.

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The Best Beach in Bali, Dreamland Beach 

One of the most beautiful beaches in Bali…before the crowds arrive. Because of its accessibility (with no stairs) and it’s prime location in Jimbaran, Dreamland Beach has become the hotspot for literal bus loads of Chinese tourists that come in groups of 30-60…and often more than one bus at one time. BUT when we visited at 6am, the beach was ours!

Whether you’re living in a private villa in Bali or just visiting, Dreamland Beach is an essential trip.

Dreamland Beach Map

Beach #2 – Melasti Beach

Park at the western entrance and get the best part of the beach to yourself (maps link below). Melasti Beach is the best swimming beach for its calm waves and warm shallows. The sand is white, the water glows blue, and best of all…no stairs!

Melasti Beach is home to Karma Beach Club, Sunday’s Beach Club and Pal Mill Beach Club – all of which have live music, good food, and cold beer…but can be pretty pricey so look for their happy hours and discount specials.

Melasti Beach Map

Melasti Beach in Bali

Beach #3 – Thomas Beach

The best “chill all day” beach. Thomas Beach has lounge chairs with umbrellas, splash-worthy shallows, and too many warungs to count where you can eat and drink all day long. Thomas Beach still flies relatively under the radar, so you don’t have to worry about this baby getting too full –  save for a few expats here and readers of The Solo Girl’s Travel Guide. 

Pro Tip: Prepare for a steep climb back up the stairs – but stop half-way on the landing point for a stunning photo spot. 

Thomas Beach Map

Beach #4 – Green Bowl Beach

It’s 300 steps to the bottom – but a slice of paradise is waiting. Green Bowl Beach truly is off the beaten path and so, it’s mostly local surfers who come to this spot. There are women on the sands who will sell you a coconut for 30k IDR – a coconut that they carried on their head to the bottom. 

Pro Tip: Pop into one of the tiny warungs in the parking lot and order a fabulous Nasi Goreng. 

Green Bowl Beach Map

Greenbowl Beach, Bali

Beach #5 – Suluban Beach

Suluban Beach is one of the most popular surfing spots in Bali. But is also famous for being home to Fins, an oceanfront beach club with amazing parties & DJs on Saturday nights. 

But you’re here for the sand. When you come to Suluban Beach, you’ll walk down a set of stairs, through a little village of shops and restaurants, and eventually though a system of caves. When you caves, you can head two directions: Right for a deep swimming spot (where most tourists go) or left through a discrete cave opening that leads to a bigger beach with shallows to splash about. 

Pro Tip: Come at low tide. When the tide is high, walking through the caves is pretty dangerous. 

Suluban Beach Map

But first, here’s what you need to do BEFORE your DIY Uluwatu Beaches Tour.

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Prep List for Uluwatu Beach Tour

  • Hire a Driver – 500k for the day
    • Girls, to hire a driver, join my facebook group called ‘Women in Bali’. Use the “search” bar, type in “driver” and you’ve got a list of female-approved Bali drivers.
    • Guys, do the same in the Facebook group called ‘Canggu Expats’
  • Wake up at 5am
    • Beat the heat and the crowds. Oh, and the traffic. 

white sand beach in Bali

Pssst. There are a few more secret beaches in Uluwatu that I haven’t told you about yet.

For secret Bali beaches, plus what hotels to stay in to access these beaches – grab your copy of The Solo Girl’s Travel Guide – Bali. 

Travel Tip: “What do I do with my bag while I swim?” – These beaches, in particular, are pretty safe. Leave it on the beach, close to the shore, within sight. OR get a day-bed and leave it on your day bed.




Ps. This is the backpack I travel with! I fit 3 months of clothes in 1 backpack…like Mary Poppins.

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