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10 Things to Do in Ubud in 48 Hours: 2 Day Ubud Itinerary

The Top 10 Things to Do in Ubud in a 2 Day Travel Itinerary

This isn’t your everyday, run of the mill list of things to do in Ubud! This is also an easy-to-follow 2-Day Ubud Itinerary (check the end of this article for exact times for your Ubud Itinerary). 

  1. Kanto Lampo Waterfall
  2. Tibumana Waterfall
  3. Tukad Cepung Waterfall
  4. Balinese Water Ceremony
  5. Ubud Art Market
  6. Stay in a Jungle Resort
  7. Book a Private Pool Villa
  8. Tegalalang Rice Terrace at Sunrise
  9. Floating Breakfast
  10. Flower Bath

1. Kanto Lampo Waterfall

A waterfall with a playground! Climb the tiers of waterfall shelves for an epic photoshoot (remember to use Boomerang and/or long-exposure settings for these photos). Then, go exploring the river channels on either side of the waterfalls. 

People Level: No one. 

Kanto Lampa Waterfall Map 

2. Tibumana Waterfall 

My favorite waterfall in Ubud is picture-perfect with a big, freshwater dipping pool, heavy falls, and jungle that surrounds you with deep green jungle vibes. 

People Level: A couple of em

3. Tukad Cupung Waterfall

If you want an epic Instagram photo and video, come here. But be prepared to stand in an Instagram line for 25 minutes. Bring a photographer, a tripod or a driver who will act as both. #DoItForTheGram

If you’re coming to Bali solely to enjoy the nature, this one will piss you off. Skip it. 

4. Balinese Water Ceremony

The Balinese participate in what’s called a “Water Ceremony”. This involves you climbing into a holy spring water bath, located inside a temple, where you cleanse yourself of negative energy and vibrations. 

These ceremonies require a lot of respect in terms of clothing and behavior:

  • Women cannot enter a Balinese temple if they’re menstruating. 
  • Women and men must be dressed in traditional Balinese ceremony clothing.
  • Be respectful by refraining from PDA, drinking alcohol or being generally obnoxious.

In order to participate in a ceremony, you’ll need clothing, the blessings, and a “how to participate in a Balinese ceremony” lesson from a local. 

Many locals can show you how to do a Balinese water ceremony. My guy in Ubud is Wayan. 

Ask to go to Sabtu Genah. Here, Wayan can get in the water with you. 

People Level: Some

05. Ubud Art Market

Silver jewelry, hand-woven basket purses, wrap dresses, wind chimes, dream catchers…you name it. If it’s artsy and handmade, it’s all here at Ubud’s walking market. 

Remember to haggle with half (or less than half) as your counter. 

If the woman offers your 600k for a painting, counter with 200k. Aim to settle on 300k. 

Pro Tip: Don’t pay more than 200k for one of those basket purses. 

People Level: All of them

Hours: 8am – 5pm

06. Stay in a Jungle Resort

I am a hotel snob. In fact, it’s my goal to transition into a high-end hotel consultant by the time I’m 40. I’ve seen, stayed in, and studied enough luxury resorts to tell you that Ubud has the best selection. 

In Ubud, you can find some of the most beautiful resorts in the world,  surrounded by rice fields, palm trees and botanical flowers…for bargain prices. 

The most luxurious resorts in Ubud?






Best Resorts for Walking to bars & restaurants in Ubud center?

07. Book a Private Pool Villa in Ubud

Where else in the world can you get a private pool villa starting at $200 a night? Ubud is full of em’ and here are the best Ubud private pool villas:

Not in the market for a private pool villa but still want flower baths and floating breakfast? Check the Ubud hotels out…

private villas in Ubud, Bali

08. Tegalalang Rice Terrace at Sunrise

Glowing sunbeams softly piercing through the palms trees and shining down onto the lush green rice terraces as the world wakes up…is one of the most serene experiences you can have. 

Grab your camera, throw on a flowy dress (one that will contract nicely against green jungle) and hit the terraces by 6am. 

For the scene in this photo, head down the rice terrace until you reach the initial valley. Most people will start to ascend the rice terrace in the same direction as they climbed down. You want to head to the right, around the right terrace – not up. Head right and walk deep into the next field over. Look for the sign that says “Santana Terrace” – and now you’ve found the best photo spot for sunrise!

Tegelalang Rice Terrace in Ubud

09. Floating Breakfast

What is so special about a floating breakfast? You’re just eating toast in the pool, right? RIGHT. And toast tastes extra vacation-y in the pool. Put your suit on for a sunny morning of fresh orange juice (and maybe a splash of champagne) plus an extravagant photoshoot sure to make all your friends back home extra jealous of your exotic life.

All of the Adiwana Resorts offer a floating breakfast. Not staying at an Adiwana Resort? 

Book a visit & floating breakfast at Kamandalu Ubud for the MOST beautiful floating breakfast ever – plus a bottle of sparkling 975k IDR or $70 per couple for breakfast & wine!

floating breakfast Ubud villa

10. Flower Bath

Extravagant, exotic, indulgent and just plain fun. Take a bath surrounded by soft, colorful and fragrant flowers. Plan to soak for a while with some music and bubbly. Don’t forget your camera. 

Many resorts offer this package. Not staying at a resort? Karsa Spa on the Campuhan Ridge Walk offers flower baths and wonderful massages + reiki. 

flower bath in Ubud, Bali

2 Day Ubud Itinerary for First Time Visitors

Day 1 

5am: Pick-Up from Canggu (4am if you’re as dedicated to adventure as me)

The drive from Canggu to the first waterfall in Ubud is around 1.5 hours

Girls, to find a driver – join my Facebook group called ‘Women in Bali’. Use the search bar in the group to search “driver” and violá – a list of female-approved drivers in Bali.

6:30 am – Kanto Lampo Waterfall

7:30 am – Tibumana Waterfall

8:30 am – Balinese Water Ceremony

9:30 am – Food

Some of the best cafes in Ubud are as follows:

*Milk N’ Madu

*Full Circle

*Monsieur Spoon

*Yellow Flower Cafe

*Cafe Vespa

10:30 am – Ubud Art Market

12pm – Check into your hotel and enjoy your down time

Day 2

5:30am – Pick-Up from Resort

6 am – Tegalalang Rice Terrace

7:30 am – Floating Breakfast

9 am – Massage

10:30 am – Flower Bath in your villa

12pm – Check out & move on!

For more itineraries like this – to make your trip to Bali efficient as fuck – grab your copy of The Solo Girl’s Travel Guide to Bali.

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