how to travel Nusa Penida

How to Travel Nusa Penida – Tips to Avoid the Crowds

2 Day Nusa Penida Itinerary: How to Travel Nusa Penida in Style

Want pristine white beaches? Want national-geographic-style vistas? Want zero light pollution for stunning starry skies? Learn how to travel Nusa Penida to make the most of your trip!

Thousand Island Viewpoint, Nusa Penida

2-Day Nusa Penida Tour – The Best Tour for Solo Travelers

LISTEN TO ME: DON’T FOLLOW THE DAY TRIPS. Day Tours to Nusa Penida suck. 

Nusa Penida Day trips bring tourists over in swarms between the hours of 8am-4pm. That means the main attractions and beaches are packed with tourists AND that the roads are gridlocked with traffic. Not to mention, you’ll be exploring this tropical, humid island literally at the hottest times of the days. 

So how do you visit Nusa Penida?

Follow my custom Nusa Penida Tour with @PenidaDestination on Instagram – and let me lead you around the island with less people, heat, and traffic. 

Here’s how you explore Nusa Penida…

Step 1: Write to @PenidaDesintation on Instagram

  • Tell him you want Alexa’s Tour. 

Alexa’s Nusa Penida Tour Itinerary

Day 1 – 

  1. 1pm Boat from Bali
  2. Kelingking Beach
  3. Tebelming Forest, Natural Pool and Beach
  4. Back to the hotel for poo time

Day 2 –

  1. 5am Pick-Up from Hotel
  2. Thousand Islands Viewpoint + Rumah Molentang Tree House
  3. Diamond Beach
  4. Atuh Beach
  5. If you have energy, Crystal Bay Beach
  6. Boat back to Bali at 3pm

Do not stray from this tour. No, I haven’t forgotten anything. Yes, you can trust me. 

You can watch the entire tour here:

Step 2: Book your hotel

Step 3: Pack for Island Adventures

What to pack for Nusa Penida?

  • Swimsuit
  • Sunscreen (lots of sunscreen)
  • Flip Flops
  • Running Shoes/Sneakers (if you plan to hike down Kelingking)
  • Mosquito Spray

Step 4: Take cash out before you go

Nusa Penida isn’t credit-card friendly in many places. Take cash out ahead of time. Calculate your tour cost, plus bring extra money for food and drinks. 

500k per day will be more than enough for food & beers. I took this much just to be safe as I play by the “When in doubt, take more out” rule. If you’re worried about traveling with too much cash, be sure to check out my travel safety hacks for female travelers!

Step 4: There’s No Step 4

A car will be sent to pick you up. The boat will be waiting. Your driver will pick you up when you get off the boat. Just show up. 

Things you NEED to know about Nusa Penida BEFORE you go. 

  • Every beach (except for Crystal Bay) requires a hike to reach it. I did this in flip flops and/or barefeet. 
  • The island sun is very intense. 
  • Diamond Beach is the most beautiful beach I’ve ever seen, but Atuh Beach has food.

Solo Female Travel Tips for Nusa Penida

  • Bring Outfit Changes: Nusa Penida is the most beautiful photoshoot island there is! I changed outfits at every location. Photos are the best souvenirs. Be extra. Be EXTRA.
  • Powder-Based Makeup: You will be sweating all day long.

Nusa Penida travel guide

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