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5 Best Music Festivals around the World in 2020 (July 2019)

Oh no…another excuse to travel.

We all know Coachella as one of the most epic music festivals of all time. Now, what would Coachella be like in another country? Exotic in Costa Rica? Wild in Australia? Spiritual in Bali? Yes, yes, and yes.

Now is the time to start planning your big international festival trip for 2020. That mean’s you’ve got time to save cash, time to collect the crew, and time to book your music festival hotels.

These 5 Best Music Festivals around the World in 2020 are approved for solo female trips and solo travel destinations!

Scared of traveling alone? A music festival is one of the best trips for single women and solo travelers who want to meet people on their international adventure! Shit, the whole purpose of a music festival is to connect with new people and make new friends. You will be welcomed with open arms, my love!

So, get your passport ready for the 5 best international music festivals in 2020.
(Don’t worry. Fyre Festivals not Included).



#1 – Jai Thep Festival, Thailand

Pack your bags for 3-days of DJs, workshops, and live bands in Chiang Mai, Thailand.

Musicians and festival goers from all over the world will gather in Northern Thailand for Jai Thep‘s 5th annual music festival with an artsy twist. Alongside bands & DJs covering everything genre from Indie to Thai Molam – Jai Thep also offers workshops to help you tap into a deeper level of self.

The immersive festival includes interactive 3D installations and places to create art or collaborate with other amateur or professional artists. Listless wanderers who roam around the festival’s property are promised magical surprises, wondrous art and good-vibes music that speak to the traveler spirit.

Ps. Thailand is one of the best destinations for solo female travel!

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Where:  Chiang Mai, Thailand
When:  31 January – 2 February 2020
Prices:  1,800 THB ($58 USD); discounts for students at 1,600 THB ($51 USD)
Accommodation:  1,000 – 2,600 TBH ($32 – 83 USD) for basic 1 or 2 person camping, or deluxe 2 person camping.



#2 – Envision Festival, Costa Rica

Mind-opening. Surreal. Sexy. Under the motto “The Original Jungle Festival”, Envision Festival is the OG of music festival meets nature.

On the Costa Rican coast where ocean waves gently kiss the jungle’s very end, you’ll experience ecstatic music vibes across diverse music genres!

Envision’s pledge is to act according to fundamental principles as permaculture, health, movement, acceptance, and community, and conduct the event in line with its eco-initiatives. So, beyond the music, prepare to be submerged in more than just music while connecting with traveler souls from around the world.

Where:  Uvita, Costa Rica
When:  17 – 24 February 2020 for a full 7-day experience
Prices:  From $319 USD (without accommodation) to $2,099 USD for a VIP ticket for the event + accommodation in a private bamboo suite. There are also several packages – festival admission ticket + accommodation to choose from
Accommodation:  Tent rentals (from 250USD per person); bungalows (from 1,300 USD per person); bamboo suites (from 1,500 USD per person); VIP tree house (3,497 USD).

#3 – BaliSpirit Festival, Bali

BaliSpirit Festival is the ultimate music, yoga, and inner work festival. You will undergo a week of transformation through the realignment of your harmonious self and healing practices to make you feel the best and most energized version of yourself…with music as your medicine.

You will be invited to forgo your digital alter-ego and make new acquaintances, embrace novelty ideas, reconnect with nature, and restore your inner balance. Through meditation, movement, music, and various classes you will fully experience the stretching of your mind and soul, and expand your wisdom to face the challenges and surprises the world has in store for you.

You can stop by the lively daytime music stage with a mind-boggling range of musical and dance performances; alternatively you can book a private session with a practitioner in alternative medicine, personal growth, or spiritual well-being in one of the healing huts; or visit the Community Pavilion for invigorating morning yoga, seminars, or movement workshops.

Bali is one of the safest countries to travel alone! Come solo, leave part of something bigger than you.

Where:  Ubud, Bali
When:  24 – 31 March 2020
Prices:  $30 for 1 night / $150 for an 8-day pass
Accommodation:  Not included. Check out my best recommended Ubud hotels in The Solo Girl’s Travel Guide: Bali.


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#4 – Wide Open Space, Australia

A music festival in the desert certainly has an adventurous ring to it, right? Well, the place is the MacDonnell ranges in Australia, the time is early summer, and the event is Wide Open Space Festival.

Wide Open Space pays homage to the Arrernte people – long-time natives and custodians of these parts of Central Australia.

You will experience 3 unforgettable days with music performances across 3 stages, a juicy number of workshops, dedicated space for children and Market Place offering a variety of food, crafts, and all sorts of delights…plus, Australian Accents!

Truly one of the best and most vibrant music festivals in Australia for solo travelers. Just pack sunscreen, please!

Where:  Ross River Resort, Central Australia
When:  Early May 2020
Prices:  To be announced soon! Check here
Accommodation:  Camping on the festival side of the river (if you don’t mind a louder environment while there’s action on the stages); quieter camping option on the resort side of the river; private cabins; or camping in Trephina Gorge National Park campground 15 km away from the festival site.

* Warning from the sponsors:  “May in Central Australia is the perfect time to experience the extremes of desert weather. Days can range from dry-warm to quite hot, while nights can be really fricken cold. Pack accordingly…”


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#5 – SXM Festival

Only 4 years old, SXM Festival has already gained fame as one of the best events for electronic music worldwide. The festival spreads across an inventive variety of stages – beaches, villas, boats, and nightclubs.

The venues are handcrafted stunning pieces of art made out of 90% recycled materials. The performers are established electronic, house, and techno artists, as well as rising stars ready to conquer the music scene.

The island of St. Martin itself is a tasty piece of paradise, popular with its tropical beauty, lush jungles, fusion food, and electrifying nightlife. Night pool parties till dawn, or sunrise cocktail parties till noon – the choice is yours.

If you’re still not convinced, take a look at that SXM 2019 Aftermovie.

Where:  Saint Martin, The Caribbean
When:  11 – 15 March 2020
Prices:  295 – 595 EUR; you can additionally buy a 5-day transportation pass for 97.03 EUR which offers unlimited travels between the festival’s main venues and selected hotels during the whole festival.
Accommodation:  Not included. Find the best festival hotels near SXM Festival on



Travel is possible, even on a budget. The key is to set a financial goal ahead of time – like these festivals. Pick your festival, see how many months you have until you travel, and start your cash fund by setting aside a cash goal every month. Start racking up your travel points with travel credit cards, too.

And maybe this speaks to you: Music festivals are the best trips for single women and men. Just sayin’.


***Disclaimer*** Every time you book through a link in this post, The Solo Girl’s Travel Guide gets a small commission at no extra cost to you. Your support keeps this site alive! Xoxo


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